Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Dim Sum Places in Philly!

When it comes to dim sum, I love it! I don't think I can have enough of it. Dim sum is a good way to start the day; it will definitely fill you up. And it is best to eat with a group of people. I am still looking for good dim sum places to go so if you know any place, please inform me. In this post I'm sharing go to places when I eat dim sum. There are not many places to recommend for you guys as it is hard to find good places for dim sum.

1. Wokano on 11th and Washington: This is my go to place because of price, tastiness and parking. I love the flavor of the foods, they do not have a gigantic variety for dim sum but just the right amount and with all the ones I like. Parking is better at Wokano if you go weekdays, because weekends are tricky with many people food shopping in the plaza.

2. Imperial Inn on 10th Street between Cherry and Race: The food selection is good but can get pricey so go with more people. The atmosphere is cozy and lights are not too bright for those who like dimmer places. Parking is tricky because it's located in Chinatown.

Other places like Joy Tsin Lau and Ocean Harbor on 10th and Race are good for variety and tastes. However, Ocean Harbor is pricy for dim sum compared to other places and as for Joy Tsin Lau; I had a bad experience there. My friend bit into her food and out came some glass piece of something. So I'm afraid to go back.

Best Frozen Yogurt in Philly!

This year kicks off my obsession with frozen yogurt. And so I was on a quest to go to all the frozen yogurt places in Philadelphia and or nearby. When I go to these places, I tend to get more toppings than yogurt. I just love piling on the toppings! I especially like the coconut flakes, nuts, granola, fruits and Japanese mochi candy. After much traveling, eating and spending time researching, I came up with my list of best places to go to for frozen yogurt. And it is not surprisingly that the places that I like are also rank on top 10 lists by others as well.

1. Kiwi Yogurt in University City: I like this location because of the variety in yogurt flavors as well as toppings. I love how the toppings are stored in glass containers. This keeps toppings like nuts fresh. Kiwi Yogurt has both indoors and outdoors seats. The place is clean and colorful and has free water, which is nice.

2. Sweet Ending on 18th and Chestnut: Definitely a sweet ending when I go! I love that this location has lychee has a topping. The flavor for yogurt also has many variety and but I always end up with the original tart flavor. What is also good about this place is the surrounding area, full of other great food places.

3. Phileo on South Street: This is the first frozen yogurt location I went to and love it! This location is clean and nicely decorated and arranged. I enjoy the variety of toppings. I heard Phileo is one of the first frozen yogurt spots to show up in Philly.

4. Red Mango on 14th and Locust: I love that they have a reward program and no credit card minimum. The location is also nicely designed as with most yogurt places, popping with colors and cool chairs. Also the variety of toppings is awesome. The service is also decent.

 Let me know your favorite spots!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Food and I: The Short History

You can refer to me as Karly as they call me online or by the name Khanh /kan/ as my friends know me as. Now where do I begin? Food and I, we have such a history together, but I won't bore you with the details. Growing up in Philadelphia with amount of diversity in culture and of course food made me who I am. I speak fluently in Vietnamese and English. But I enjoy just about all sorts of food as long as it is good. My sisters were the ones feeding me with quality food, which led me to be such a critic when it comes to eating. They are truly amazing women who know that the path to ones heart start from the stomach. :)